HOT news for 2020, a brand new decade...!

I am pleased to share that I have won a prize from Still Life literary journal (Saginaw Valley State University) for my poem "Northerner Plays with Fire in Water." This year's award announcement and party will be held at the Saginaw Art Museum on Feb. 13, with a poetry slam included.

Aha! Looks like I might finally be finishing up my latest film project, a double-short. The two mini videos are called "Kitty Trip" and "Skywalk." So okay, maybe I didn't learn as much as I'd hoped from my first film, but at least I've had fun watching these two new shorts come together. Once the project's wrapped, I'll place a link to it on this page.

In a recap of 2019...
I made a film based on my poem "Late-Winter Walk Around the Pond." It can be viewed


As always...
Check out my chapter "Billie Jean King" in the book 100 Entertainers Who Changed America:
An Encyclopedia of Pop Culture Stars and Their Stories
(ABC-CLIO); and don't forget to pick up the poetry anthology I edited  How Can You Say We Are Not Related?


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