As a child artist in the late '60s, I had some training at the Gallery 7 Collective in Detroit; and then later, also
with Charles McGee, in the underground studios at the Detroit Institute of Arts.  In the early mid-70s, as a
twelve yr. old street artist, I set up shop outside the D.I.A. selling poems and sketches out front.  One day an
uptight, hippie-hating suburbanite stopped on the steps of the D.I.A. and turned to glare nastily back at me,
snarling, "Get a job!"

Innocently mystified, I replied with youthful sincerity, "Lady, this
is my job."

At any rate, my little gig out front got my work into the D.I.A.  An administrator stopped and bought a
couple of my pieces, which were then included in an exhibition of Michigan artists, thus making it possible for
this little hippie artist to say that her first show was at a major art museum.
Exhibitions, etc.

1986   Cover Artist,  Howling Dog Literary Journal; "Celebration: The Wondrous Spirit of Wimmin"
1980-1982   Project Artist,  "Walk Against Crime",  ad campaign; City of Detroit, Detroit, Michigan


Detroit Institute of Arts,  Detroit, Michigan

                                                                                                                                                    *solo shows marked by asterisk

2014    "Bright Spot" (Print Show),  Ocelot Print Shop     Detroit, Michigan
2013     Arts Night,  Washington Pavilion     Sioux Falls, South Dakota
2011     Dakota Discovery Museum     Mitchell, South Dakota
*2011    "Open Up",  Black Sheep Coffee Brewery     Sioux Falls, South Dakota
2010     Postcard Show,  Eastbank Art Gallery     Sioux Falls, South Dakota  
2010     Postcard Show,  Falls Park Horse Barn     Sioux Falls, South Dakota
2010     Artists Against Torture,  Johannson Charles Gallery     Detroit, Michigan
2009     555 Gallery     Detroit, Michigan
2008     Still Point Zen Buddhist Temple     Detroit, Michigan
2008     Spirit of Detroit,  Detroit Artists Market,     Detroit, Michigan
2007     Kids Kicking Cancer,  Jewish Community Center     West Bloomfield, Michigan
2006     Artist Invitational,  Washington Pavilion,     Sioux Falls, South Dakota
2006     Plein Aire,  Falls Park Horse Barn,     Sioux Falls, South Dakota
2005     Red Wall,  Washington Pavilion,     Sioux Falls, South Dakota
*2005    "Living Heritage",  Mundt Library - Dakota State University, Madison, South Dakota
*2004    "Speaking in Tongues 2",   Black Sheep Coffee Brewery,     Sioux Falls, South Dakota
*2004    "Speaking in Tongues",   5500 Cass Art Gallery,     Detroit, Michigan
*2003    "An Evening of Poetry and Art",  Falls Park Horse Barn,     Sioux Falls, South Dakota
2000     Fashion Design Show (Girlee Collective) Detroit Contemporary Art Gallery, Detroit, Mi
*2000    Paintings, Weavings,   Gear Gallery,     St. Petersburg, Florida
*1999    Weavings,   Gear Gallery,     St. Petersburg, Florida
1998     Paintings, Weavings,   International Bazaar,     Detroit, Michigan
1996     Clock Show,   Focus Gallery,     Detroit, Michigan
*1996    "Buffalo in a Snowstorm",   Heidelberg Project fundraiser,  (Heidelberg Project) Detroit, Mi
1995     Artists' Collective Group Show,   Galleria Biegas,     Detroit, Michigan
*1993    Prints,  Oriana's Bookcafe,     Black Hills, South Dakota
1991     Paintings, Weavings,   Sioux City Art Center,     Sioux City, Iowa
1990     Paintings, Weavings,   Sioux City Art Center,     Sioux City, Iowa
1987     Detroit Black Artists Group Show,   Whitney Building,     Detroit, Michigan
*1985    "New Paintings",   Freezer Theatre Gallery,     Detroit, Michigan
*1983    "New Paintings and Pastels",   Miami Cafe,     Detroit, Michigan
1975     Michigan Artists Show,   Detroit Institute of Arts,       Detroit Michigan

Visiting Artist Lecture

1996    Heidelberg Project,    Detroit, Michigan
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