Sun Writing & Editing
General Evaluations
When it comes to your writing goals, I want what you want.

Let's be clear.  You aren't thinking of paying hard-earned money for someone to evaluate your
work because you are completely satisfied with it and need no help.

On the contrary, you want your work critically evaluated by a professional because you know
that you can make your writing stronger.  You are seeking smart, concise suggestions that can
aid you in improving material before you present it to your colleagues or for consideration for
publication. Furthermore, you are someone who understands that improving your written work
can enhance your chances of gaining those better grades or the publication credits that you so

Working together is as easy as 1, 2, 3...!

1) Email me with a short description of your manuscript (
is it a book, article, or research
), include its length (# of typed, double-spaced pages), and any specific concerns you
may have about it.

2) Tell me your manuscript's history (
has it been sent to an agent or publisher?)

3) Include your return email and phone number.  

This initial contact is free, and I usually respond to inquiries within 1 day.  If needed, we will
arrange a 1/2 hour phone consultation.  Please note that a general evaluation includes no editing
or proofing, and incurs a reading fee of $45/hr.  For readings that include copy editing (written
corrections) on your manuscript copy, please see the
Fees page.  Those fees vary, and are
dependent upon project type and length.

What's a GE?
A general evaluation is typically 1-10 pages long and focuses on a writer's chief concerns,
which are the "3 Cs":
Concept, Construction, and Composition.  My evaluations emphasize
structure, flow, and clarity.  From a GE you will learn:

- If your manuscript clearly defines and develops your central concept or thesis.  

- If the blocking of ideas and chapters compliment, or hinder, the development of your concept   
and storyline (with suggestions for restructuring).

- If writing basics such as grammar or elemental style (language) are the culprits keeping your
manuscript from soaring to its potential.

Using this information as a touch stone, you can set about making the necessary revisions that
will let your work truly shine.  And, if you need more help with the next step of the process, I
am available to assist with copy editing.

Ready to get started?