Sun Writing & Editing
General Fees

General Evaluation (involves no rewrites, see Evaluations page)
$45/hr. - up to 300 pages; length of evaluation dependent upon project.
Note: Evaluations are best done before copy editing.

Editing Short Projects
Letters, articles or papers (up to 50 pages)
$45/hr. - for proofing, and/or copy editing which involves suggested rewrites.

Editing Longer Projects (51 to 300 pages)
$3/page - for copy editing involving suggested rewrites, with notations on copy.

Ghosting Short Shorts (after a consult with you)
Personal or professional: letters, statements, essays
$45/hr. - up to 5 pages.

Ghosting Longer Projects
I do not ghostwrite articles; nor do I write papers for students.
Book projects can be confidentially discussed via email or phone.
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