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The following materials list is incomplete because I can no longer access files from my last two computers.  
Only files that I have personally verified are listed here.

QME Essays, Papers, Poetry, Interviews & Reviews

Last Issue: Fall  2013
The Art of Reason and Treason at Rabaa Mosque - Dr. Lamya Ramadan
Road of Dreams - Juana M. Ortiz
Discussing Pain and Pleasure with Andrea Dworkinn - Judith K. Witherow
Celebrating Change - Suzanne Sunshower
INTERVIEW - Pamela Kingfisher: Cherokee Activist for Food Sovereignty and Reproductive Justice

Summer  2013
Antithetically Dissident Female Sexualities in Henrik Ibsen’s
A Doll’s House and The Lady from the Sea - Shailendra Kumar Singh
Searching for a Tongue of One’s Own: Reading the Poetry of Sujata Bhatt - Sutapa Chaudhuri, PhD
The Courage to Let Go - Shane Blake
POETRY - Shane A. Blake, Debra Monte, Timothy M. Taylor, Dustin Devlin
INTERVIEW - Dr. Carla Dove: Director of the Smithsonian Feather Identification Lab

Spring  2013
U.S. Women in Combat - Chineze J. Onyejekwe, PhD
Parameters of Ethical Egoism* - Gwendolyn Dolske, PhD
Talking to Strangers - Suzanne Sunshower
INTERVIEW - Erin Shanley: Special Assistant U.S. Attorne

New Year  2013
Marriage, Work, and Women in Japan - Yukiko Inoue-Smith, Ph.D.
Marriage and Family: Changing Gender Roles - Chineze J. Onyejekwe, PhD
INTERVIEW - Harriet Schaeffer: South Dakota Herbalist and Dust Bowl survivor

Fall  2012
Look Into the Mirror - Nilofar Ansher
Still Not Modern Enough? - Lisa Pradhan
Brisket - J. Lang Wood
Full Body Burden: Growing Up in the Nuclear Shadow of Rocky Flats (book)
by Kristen Iversen - Suzanne Sunshower

Summer  2012
Trauma Effects and Intervention for Trauma Specialists - Julia Mutambara
The Angry Man and the Oppressed Woman: A Feminist Reading of John Osborne’s
Look Back in Anger - Deeptangshu Das
Enhancing 'Employer of Choice' Status Through Human Resource Management Practices:
Lessons for Public Service in Zimbabwe - Mildred Mahapa
POETRY - Debra Monte, Garland R. Gregory, Jr, Timothy M. Taylor, Judith K. Witherow,
Terri L. DuBray,  Brianna Eckman, Tammy Kvasnicka
INTERVIEW - Alana I. Capria: Author of Organ Meat, Killing Me
REVIEW - Organ Meat, Killing Me (poetry book) by Alana I. Capria - Suzanne Sunshower

Anniversary  2012
“This Is Chaos”: A Miraculous Awakening of a Nation Upon Being Inspired by the Film Arts
- Lamya Ramadan, PhD
QME Times Ten Years - Judith K. Witherow
Halfway - Suzanne Sunshower
INTERVIEW - (anonymous) Two Senior-Ranking Naval Officers Remember “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”
Purgatory (poetry book) by Amelia Martens - Suzanne Sunshower

Spring  2012
Gender Issues in Some Shona Traditional Marriage Custom: An Africana Womanist Perspective
- Enna Sukutai Gudhlanga & Godwin Makaudze
True North - Pauline Danforth
The Solo Journey - Lisa Barfield
Being Thankful for This Life - LisaMarie Berger
INTERVIEW - Claudette Sabor: Native American movie star
When the Dust Finally Settles (book) by Kat Meads - Kara Vehar

New Year  2012
Honor Crimes and Identity of Women in Pakistan:   In context of Mukhtar Mai
"In the Name of Honor" (2006) - Namrata Parmar
The "Arab Spring": Changing Political Climate for Women? - Chineze J. Onyejekwe, PhD
Giving Away My Lucy Dress - Dena Baris
INTERVIEW - Kira LeCompte: American Indian suicide prevention counselor

Fall  2011
A Hymn to Adultery: Female Transgression and the House Metaphor in Diane Johnson’s
Le Mariage (2000) - Zoly Rakotoniera
Meeting My Father Again - Juana Ortiz
Women and New Reproductive Technologies: Blessing and Curse - Chineze J. Onyejekwe, PhD
Trekking for Trees - Lisa Cooper
INTERVIEW - Dr. Beth Boyd, PhD Psychology: Disaster Mental Health Team
and past president Ethnic Minorities (APA Div. 45)

Summer  2011
Figure of the Female Artist in Virginia Woolf's Fiction - Deeptanshu Das
New ITCs, Women, and the "Arab Spring" - Chineze J. Onyejekwe, PhD
Rethinking Darwinian Development Paradigms of Patriarchy
- Irene Omolola Adadevoh
INTERVIEW (e-chat) - Response to "Women and Arab Spring" Discussion with Dr. Lamya Ramadan
INTERVIEW - Sandra Kolankiewicz, PhD: Award winning author
REVIEW - The Hunger Games (book) by Suzanne Collins - Gwendolyn Dolske
REVIEW - Saint Monica (poetry book) by Mary Biddinger - Suzanne Sunshower

Anniversary  2011
The Journey Back: Images of Africa, Africanism and Motherhood in Toni Morrison
and Alice Walker’s Literature - Josephine Kipgen
Haitian Women and Girls Endure Camp Violence - letter from Amnesty International USA
Sites of Violence: Gender and Conflict Zones (book) by Wenona Giles and
Jennifer Hyndman - Chineze J. Onyejekwe, Ph

Spring  2011
The Textile Factory - Judith K. Witherow
Mom, You Were Flirting! - Rosemary Wild
When I Was a Junco Mom - Cindy Bellinger

New Year  2011
Woman's Work - Dr. Shalini Bhargava
“Imra’taan”: A Contemporary Arab Production of Oscar Wilde’s Play “Lady Windermere’s Fan"
- Dr. Lamya Ramadan
2010 Whirlwind Workshop Tour: Prison Outreach [Poetry] Project report - Suzanne Sunshower
There’s No Such thing as Passing, if Everyone Knows You’re Straight - Autumn Elizabeth
Perishables (stories) by Tina Egnoski - Suzanne Sunshower

Fall  2010
Passion for Purity - Terry Cox-Joseph
For God's Sake - Suzanne Berndt Williams
My Childhood - Juana M. Ortiz
INTERVIEW - Sally Brunk: Ojibwa-Lac du Flambeau (Bear clan) storyteller, poet and writer

Summer  2010
POETRY - Sally Brunk, Aria Dammons, Jabiya Dragonsu, John Probert
INTERVIEW - Sunny Singh: Author as a Citizen of the Global Village - Dr. Nilanshu Kumar Agarwal

Anniversary  2010
My Grandmother's Whiskers - Noel C. Sundheimer
Gender, HIV/AIDS and Stigma: Understanding Prejudice Against Women Living with HIV/AIDS
- Tshipinare Marumo
Bed Bye - Michelle Fillipini
Turning Inside Out (poetry book) by Sandra Kolankiewicz

Spring  2010
Medals for Military Sexual Trauma: A Proposal - Carolyn Gage
From Inner Dwarf to Royal Child: Creativity and Emotional Maturity in Rumpelstiltskin
and May Sarton - Brigitte Goetze
A Blessing - Claire Ibarra
Why I Hate the Movie "Twilight" - Alison Happel
Pulleys & Locomotion (poetry book) by Rachel Galvin - Charles Luden

New Year  2010
H. D.’s “Palimpsest”: A Feminist Historiography of Dissent - Maitrayee Roychoudhury
How Thick Does My Skin Need To Be? - Michelle Barclay
The Leap - Are You Ready to Live a New Reality? (book) by Constance Kellough - Suzanne Sunshower

Summer 2009
Passage - Ona Gritz
This Alone is Life - Dr. Asha Choubey
The Lure of Autumn - Brenda Maddaluna
POETRY - Mia Tryst, Judith K. Witherow, Debra Monte, Frieda Groffy, Shane Blake, Suzy Nolan,
Vincent Leo, jabiya Dragonsun, Charles Luden
The Narcoleptic Yard (poetry book) by Charity Ketz - Suzanne Sunshower

Fall 2009
REVIEW - Little Pockets of Alarm (stories) by Kat Meads - Suzanne Sunshower

Quiet Mountain Essays (QME) was an e-journal that featured women's writing, news, and resources for
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the pages disappeared as if the journal had never existed.  This was a disservice to the talented writers
and academics who contributed to the journal during its run.  The journal's content can never be
re-created; however, I would like to pay tribute here to its existence.

Important note and disclaimer: After I relinquished ownership of the popular Quiet Mountain
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