Scanned Works
Warning: PDF files (yeah, I know, I hate them too).  Also, scan quality varies.
The Detroit Women's Voice newspaper (Detroit)
Feature Writer, 1983-1985.
"For Some Female Alcoholics There Is An Even Heavier Burden" 1983.

Howling Dog
"Cass Corridor Blues" 1988.

New Directions for Women newspaper (New Jersey)
Midwest Correspondent, 1992-1993.
"Activism Overcomes Ignorance & Isolation" 1993.

Off Our Backs newsjournal (D.C.)
"An Open Letter" [to Women] 2000.

Rain and Thunder journal
"Monstrous" 2004. [Aileen Wuornos]

Rain and Thunder journal
"South Dakota: Killing Ground for Choice" 2005.

Rain and Thunder journal
"The Last Shall Be First" 2005. [Rosa Parks]

Off Our Backs newsjournal (D.C.)
"Women Warriors Help Stem the Tide in South Dakota" 2006 or 2007. [reproductive justice]

Rain and Thunder journal
"Historic Convening of Native American Women" 2008.

Rain and Thunder journal
"It Ain't Easy Being Right (Left)" 2009. [an open letter to young radical women]

Rain and Thunder journal
"Wilma Mankiller: A Remembrance" 2010.
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