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Most people know that I was contributing editor at Quiet Mountain Essays and that I've been
writing for feminist publications for decades, but very few people know how I first got started.

Well, I began as an assistant helping my dad clip research articles for his weekly editorial
column in the
Michigan Chronicle, when I was six.  It wasn't just for fun, he paid me a dollar
for the articles I clipped on-topic.  By the time I was nine, he was offering me $5 payment for
usable editorial ideas.  It was a fantastic job.  Not only did I develop a love for periodicals and
journalism from a very young age, but it spurred my interest in current events as well.

Early in my career, I served as Art Director and feature writer for a downtown-Detroit
entertainment tabloid known as
Phase Two.  Then, after a successful turn at feature writing for
the popular
Detroit Women's Voice, I was asked to become a Midwest Correspondent for the
east coast-based paper called
New Directions for Women.  Later, I contributed essays and
photojournalism to the iconic feminist publications
Off Our Backs and Rain and Thunder.

If you like, you can check out scanned PDFs of some of those early essays and articles